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Student Reviews


This was my first time hiring a tutor online so I was a little skeptical. Trivia was my first choice after signing up and reading a few profiles. Trivia is worth the money. She is patient, funny, kind and an excellent tutor. We went through a packet of E/M scenarios. I highly recommend choosing her if you want to master and get a better understanding with coding. I am definitely going to be a returning customer.


Starting where you are comfortable

I haven’t taken classes in a long time and I felt intimidated by the information but Trivia was patient and look forward to reviewing things in the future.




Knowledgeable and Patient Tutor

Trivia taught me how to read Operative Reports for PCS coding, and not feel totally overwhelmed and scared that I am doing it wrong. I needed two sessions, and she had a quick response and saw me very quickly. I feel much better now about my coding.




Knowledgeable and patient

Trivia was on time and ready to help me. She was very patient with me and help me get the correct codes. I appreciate your help. I was struggling before but now I have more skills than before




Great tutor

Trivia was very helpful. She helped me with all my cases on inpatient and emergency department. Inpatient cases were the longest. I also had assignments that after I answered them I would take it to her to make sure I did them correctly.




So good

Helped me out understanding medical billing and coding. Such a valuable investment! Nice, helpful, and great communication skills. I would definitely rebook when needed.



Absolutely Worthy!!!

So knowledgeable and Smart... totally worth the money and will get you ready. She is patient and most definitely delivers. First time working with a tutor and a great experience.




Very knowledgeable

We went over everything from ICD 10 CM through CPT but spent some time on E/M coding. Ms. Trivia knows the material and gave me some pointers. She is very patient and doesn't rush you when you are trying to figure out the right codes. Even if your answer is wrong she gives clues to point you in the right direction. She's simply the best and I pray to make her proud on my exam.




E/M coding

Trivia is a very patient, funny and loving tutor. I’m glad I found her. She has helped me become a better coder. Her enthusiasm and passion for helping students learn is invaluable.




Knowledgeable and patient

This is my first time using a tutor and wondered how effective it would be. It was very effective and therefore I would definitely be interested in attending more classes with Trivia. Trivia is very knowledgeable and helpful. She helped me understand how to do the CPT and ICD-10 codes. I have a better understanding now. I would surely recommend Trivia because she's the best!!




Knowledgeable and patient tutor

Trivia helped me understand the knowledge of a skill that my own instructor wouldn't. I appreciate her time and talent. An hour of her time revealed that I am far behind the mark on a skill I need to accomplish. She is patient and kind.




Great Teacher!

Today we went over some coding lessons I had to code. She was prepared, very knowledgeable and patient. She guided me to the correct codes and further explains some terms. I will definitely continue tutoring with Trivia. Thank you




Knowledgeable and personable

I purchased the wrong book, but Trivia worked with me and the book I have. She answers questions, goes thru the coding books I have with me and gives me pointers. She is personable and I am glad I chose her as my tutor to help me study for the exam




Knowledgeable and patient tutor with a great personality

Trivia assisted my client with her medical coding classes. My client stated that Trivia explained the medical coding steps in a way that was easy to follow, and she will work with Trivia again. Thank you Trivia!




Great Teacher

She is very patient. Allow me to do the work. Understanding of what I’m explaining. She makes the lesson enjoyable.





She helps guide me without giving me the answers. She is super encouraging when I feel like it is too big a pill to swallow. She helps me learn from my mistakes as well as learn the things I am having trouble understanding! I would recommend 10 out or 10!




Knowledgeable, understanding and patient

I was amazed at how well Trivia knew the acronyms and the abbreviations we see on many operative reports. She quickly looked over my work and showed me where I went wrong and what things to look out for. This was my first tutoring lesson and I was very pleased. Thank you so much. I've already scheduled another lesson with Trivia.




Knowledgeable Tutor

Trivia was awesome! She helped me get a better understanding of how to look up ICD-10 codes which will be a great help for me going forward. I look forward to working with her again.





She was very patient and made the examples make more sense. Was able to work threw them instead of guess. Help me organize the question so it was easy to break down for the answer.




Knowledgeable and inspirational

She was an inspiration to get involved in the material and in the topics.  Shared information, very knowledgeable, professional, thorough and with a lot of inside information. Positive and engaging.


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