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What is the CPC Course?
The CPC Course is designed to teach students how to medical code for
professionals (physicians), prepare for the CPC® certification exam through AAPC,
and how to take the exam at a rapid pace. Upon completion students should be
prepared to test for the CPC® exam. No other courses should be necessary.


Can I get a refund for my course?
Kimbrough Learning Institute does not issue refunds. We will allow the student to
make the course up within a year if there are any unforeseen emergencies or

How long does the CPC Course take to complete?
The course taken independently or guided takes 3 to 4 months. 

What books are needed for the CPC course?
The required text books are included in the packages such as: Current year AAPC Training Book and Workbook,

ICD-10-CM , HCPCS Level II, and CPT - AMA professional edition.   

Can KLI help me remove my CPC-A?  
Yes, upon completion of the course, you will receive 80 Credit hours of coding
education equal to 1 year experience.


I am new to coding is the CPC Course for Me?
Yes, the CPC course is designed for new coding students as well as seasoned


What additional fees will I incur other than the Monthly Tuition Subscription?
There are no additional fees if you purchase the package. The books, membership
fees and exam are included in the total package.

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